visit to the cave of Saint Hermano Pedro

Hermano Pedro Path

Pilgrimage route in honor of Pope Hermano Pedro of Betencourt, who was born
March 19, 1626 in Vilaflor, founder in Guatemala of the Bethlemite Order.

Basic route information

  • Maximum height: 1465m (descent route)
  • Distance: 18.2 Kms
  • Time: 2h 30m

Pregrination route, departing from the plaza de Vilaflor, next to the church and making the route that the Saint made with his flock of Sheep and Goats descending the chasnera hillside, so that they graze in the lower area. In this place is the Cave, where it stayed during this period of time that fed its flock.

The route crosses natural places of great beauty, descending through the forest crown, and crossing different populations.

Every year, in the month of April,the pilgrimage to the cave of The Holy Brother Pedro (first saint of the Canary Islands) is celebrated, located near the coast of Granadilla.

In the vicinity of the cave is Brother Peter’s Ere, where the religious took his flock to drink water.

During the journey, the pilgrim will pass through areas that are second and emblematic in the region. In fact, on the tour you can see old terraces of agriculture, native flora and fauna, and places of Good of Cultural Interest (BIC), such as the Casa de los Soler and the Square of San Pedro de Vilaflor.

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