Route from Arenas del Mar, to Playa del Medio.

Peeled Mountain Trail

Route of medium difficulty, by the height and difficulty of passage, but it enjoys excellent views and visits some unknown beaches for the majority of the population, such as Playa del VidrioPlaya Delada, Playa Pelada and Playa del Medio.

Basic route information

  • Maximum height: 156m
  • Distance: 10 Kms
  • Time: 3h

The route we start in Arenas del Mar, in the car parks, and start the path entering the ravine until we reach the viewpoint. The path continues to ascend and border Pelada Mountain until we start to see the Wind Farm where we will continue to lower the ridge until we reach a beautiful sandy cove.

The road along the coast becomes more enjoyable, visiting the wheat caves, and passing through several quiet beaches, Playa del Vidrio and arriving at Playa del Medio, where we start the reverse path.

We will pass through the self-sustaining houses of THE ITER, and we will continue to Playa Cumplida and its viewpoint, from there to the viewpoint of La Rajita Beach, we descend to Playa de La Pelada, and end up returning to the starting point in Arenas del Mar making a circular tour.

This tour can also be done from Playa de la Jaquita, next to the Arenas del Mar Hotel or even from the Plaza dEl Médano

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