This February we have to highlight important news for entrepreneurs and it is the opening of the deadline for filing applications for aid for the promotion of self-employment which are constituted as individual entrepreneurs, property communities and particular civil societies.

This application allows new self-employed persons who have not carried out the same activity in the previous 6 months and have not requested this aid in the previous 5 years to access lost fund aid from EUR 5,000 (if they remain at least 3 years of discharge) as well as assistance to assist business training and discounts on bank loan rates.

We advise entrepreneurs to ask for an advisory appointment at the AEDL (Phone 922758111 and email any error in the procedure or in the deadlines can cause them to lose help. For example, to be able to access it is first necessary to be registered as a jobseeker in the SCE, then apply for the self-employment promotion service and finally register as a self-employed person and apply for assistance before they spend 8 months of discharge from the Service. But keep in the eye that the deadline for filing applications is 30 September 2020 or since the credit ends.

This call has also included some novelties such as an improvement in a thousand euros of aid if the self-employed develops economic activities that are considered as green and blue economy. Let’s remember that the help is also different depending on the gender and age of the applicant. Another important novelty to note is that from now on the presentation can only be done by telematics with which we will have to learn how to use the digital platforms and have electronic ID or digital certificate

Persons interested in processing this grant may register free of charge for the information workshop to be held on 18 February from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. at the SIEC in San Isidro. The registration form is available on the municipal website

Finally, the new grant to increase the flat rate is also new and the call will be opened shortly and from which we will publish a specific blog.

Pay special attention to those self-employed who were registered in January 2018 because the deadline for applying will be finalized by the end of March 2020.

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